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General Documents Needed for Clearance:

Bill of Lading (B/L)

A Bill of Lading is the transportation contract between a carrier and the owner of the goods. The carrier issues it and can be negotiable and non-negotiable. Negotiable means that the goods can be traded while in transit. The Master Bill of Lading is exchanged between shipping companies while the House Bill of Lading/Airway Bill includes the names of the exporter and importer. The originals of the Master and the House must be sent to the importers clearing agent, through the shipping company.

Commercial Invoice

An invoice contains the name of the exporter, terms of payment, unit price, total price, quantities and weight of goods. There are differences between proforma and commercial invoices. The proforma invoice is a document prepared by the exporter in response to a sales order or inquiry. Its receipt by the importer does not obligate the potential buyer to purchase the product. A commercial invoice, sent by the exporter, includes specifications that both parties have agreed upon should sign a copy and return it to the exporter. The commercial invoice could be a copy of the proforma invoice if that was unchanged by sales negotiations.

Certificate of Origins

It is a certificate provided by the chamber in the country of origin that shows the manufacturing or producing country of the export intended commodity and the amount of the added value tax (VAT). Therefore, it is considered a necessary document to calculate the charges levied or the preference treatment given.

Packing List

The packing list indicates the gross and net weight of the cargo, invoice number and the importers name. It clearly states all products sent by the exporter as well as the number of pallets, boxes, the contents of each box and the type of products, their quality and specifications.

Health Certificate

This certificate shows analytic information about some goods, and confirms that the product is valid for human or animal use.